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It's vital you choose the right finance for your requirements, ensuring that it complements your operations and enhances cash-flow. We offer a wide range of different products and will be happy to discuss which is best for your purposes.

Benefits of Leasing

Our broad range of financial products cater for almost every budgetary need:

Finance Lease
Operating Leases
Lease Purchase
Hire Purchase
Sale and Leaseback
Unsecured Lending
Alternative Finance
Project Finance
Business Loans
Bridging Loans
Commercial Mortgages
Software and Cloud Funding

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What is a Finance Lease?

Finance Leases are ideal for funding IT and software. Leasing has been around for a very long time (assets have moved on from chariots and tall ships but you must get the point!) and it is mainly in the realms of depreciating  goods that it is used today.

It’s a full payout lease with no residual to cater for at the end of the term. Spreading the cost of the VAT on each rental is an excellent way of reducing overheads, and enables the assets to provide a return on working capital.
It is tax deductible against profits and flexible enough to cater for the ever changing demands of todays' technology.
In a competitive world you need to know that your finance arrangements are ahead of the game - let us take the pressure from you, provide the best solution and allow you to get on with growing your business.

What is an Operating Lease?

See our comprehensive page here.

This is often termed a “subsidised” lease – it is not a full payout lease and there will be a residual value at the end payable by either the end user (lessee), the funder (lessor) or the supplier. It is important to establish what happens to equipment at the end of an operating lease, especially in the public sector.

Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase (or Hire Purchase as it is also known) allows you to obtain new assets immediately whilst spreading the payments over the life of that asset. At the end of the term you can retain it for a nominal fee.

Payments are fixed for the term of the contract but all rentals can be matched to your cash flow and the depreciation of the asset. Generally Lease Purchase or Hire Purchase tends to be used for assets with a longer lifespan than that of IT and software and is ideal for most non 'hi-tech' goods.

Commercial Loans

When businesses identify a new opportunity or wish to grow quite often they will require an injection of funding which will enable them to respond to their situation. Commercial Loans are often used to acquire assets or a service that cannot be traditionally leased. The asset tends to be non-tangible and could be relating to a project driven service. Ownership of the asset or service is with the customer at all times. As with Hire Purchase the asset sits on the balance sheet.

Sale and Leaseback

Sale and Leaseback is an ideal way of raising money by refinancing assets that you have already paid for. You become the supplier and sell the goods back to the funder.
The leasing company then leases the same equipment back to the original owner who continues to use it. This facility is used in both Education and Commercial markets.


It is mandatory that assets that are leased are adequately covered by insurance.
It makes sense to get your quotes for your cover before you activate a lease and find insurance payments have been deducted by the funder at a later date.

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"We were recommended Axis leasing in relation to a relatively straightforward leasing requirement for our new showroom. In the end we used them for some more complex requirements. We found them to be very helpful and professional and moreover they met our requirements at a very competitive cost. I could not recommend them more highly"

- Mark Cochran


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"We have been using Axis Leasing for our business funding since 2014. No asset type appears to be a problem. They have funded software licences, IT equipment and even surveying equipment imported from Sweden. In all cases the paperwork is straight forward and the process is so simple. We would recommend them to any company."                                                    

- Dawn Robinson


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